The Shell Center began in 2004. A couple of years later, our staff began noticing long lines in front of package pickup places on the Point.  We felt especially sorry for people waiting outside in bad weather, sometimes for what looked like hours.

It occurred to us that we had a nice, warm store with places to sit down and good things to eat and drink. We also had a warehouse and lots of land for expansion. Could we create a more enjoyable destination for package customers? First, though, we needed a delivery system that was efficient and state of the art.


Our CEO, who was previously a computer consultant, went to work designing a computerized package inventory system that keeps track of every parcel. We didn't want to grow too fast and wind up with the same problem as other places, so word of mouth was our only advertising for almost five years. Customers would tell us that they were reluctant to inform their friends about the Shipping Station because our lines would get longer!


Slowly our warehouse filled up. Next, we added numerous containers on the 1-1/2 acres of Shell Center property that still has room for much more storage. Shipping hours match store hours, 11 hours per day, seven days per week. Being open on Sunday has helped customers with border crossings.  Next came a cardboard recycling machine that allows you to leave all that bulky shipping material with us, no charge.


It worked. We are able to handle large numbers of customers quickly and efficiently. Now people don't mind telling their friends about where to get their packages.

Then in 2014 Shell USA came up with a program that tied a bow on all that we had created, Fuel Rewards (FRN).  FRN customers can shop online with a U.S. address, pick up packages at our store, and save on gas purchases as a result of their online shopping.


"Shell is fast becoming my go-to place for picking up parcels."

Edward L.

This review is about the shipping desk inside the Shell Center. Parking is plentiful in front of the building. How does it compare to the competition?



  1. Friendly, helpful, and courteous staff. Special mention.
  2. Open until 1800 (matches or beats all the competition).
  3. Parcels are held for 30 days before racking up additional fees (longer than the competition). Another special mention.
  4. Open seven days a week! (none of the competition are open on Sundays). Yet another special mention.
  5. No charge for disposal of small boxes. The site mentions they are supposed to charge $1-4, but I have yet to be dinged. Speaks volumes about how great the staff are.
  6. Nice big warehouse - they can pretty much process anything you buy. Tires included.
  7. Cheap for really small packages - only $2.50.


  1. Can't be late after closing down.

"We love your service, and the fact that we can come down 7 days a week, and you are open early - which we love!"

– Rick A.


"By the way, I love your service and have recommended it to many friends as well!"

– Glenn


"My wife and I really appreciate the service you provide - and the people who work at the station are great!"

– Larry and Wanda


The Shipping Station's streamlined system works very well for customers who do a lot of ordering online.  We have plenty of space for all your packages, and by emailing us in advance when you plan to come, they can be ready for you.  You won't find staff running all over the place trying to find your delivery, because our computerized system has it all organized.


It's not much fun to drive across the border after a long wait just to pick up one or two small packages.  But when you can combine your pickup with a gas fill up that includes a complimentary cup of the world's best coffee, and a fresh muffin or other snack it can become a pleasant day's outing.  You won't find yourself waiting in line for big customers to be taken care of either, thanks to our efficient inventory system.