Here's  how it all comes together for you - when you shop online and pick up packages at the Shipping Station, it translates into big gas savings at the pumps.

Do you shop at any of the online sites you see to your right?  Or how about QVC, Macy's, Sephora, Rosetta Stone, Lenovo, Nieman Marcus, and many others?  If so, you are already on your way.  All you need to do is sign up (for free), click www.fuelrewards.com to see the many other participating online stores.

Canadians are eligible because all you need is a U.S. address which you will have when you sign up to receive packages at The Shipping Station (also free signup).


  1. Come into our store to pick up your free FRN card (no, it's not a credit card.  It's a rewards card.  You only need an email address to make it work.
  2. Go online to www.fuelrewards.com to register with your email address.
  3. Just for trying out your fuel rewards card at the pumps, you will save 3 cents per gallon up to a 20 gallon purchase.  Go ahead.  Plug the card into the pump before you pay, and watch for the savings.
  4. Go to www.fuelrewards.com to see all the online stores where you can shop and earn rewards (translated into cents per gallon savings at the pump) as well as local area restaurants (sorry no restaurants in Canada).
  5. As you shop, gas savings are added to your card.*
  6. Come buy gas. Insert your card before you pay and watch the price roll back!

*BE SURE when you order online that you place your order by going to the shopping site through Fuel Rewards.